The Bachelors
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We're the LIVE SHOW - no backing tracks!


The posters promised a "Big Night of Fun" and it most certainly was just that.

A Charity performance in aid of the Grand Order of Water Rats (GOWR) and a local Charity called Good Intentions Fund raising Team (GIFT) was produced, directed, staged and choreographed by Caron & Kenny Cantor.

From start to finish the audience were taken on a fast moving, high energy fun time. The show opened with Cantor's Singers & Dancers, a group of very talented young people, who really motivated everyone with their short but very effective rendition of Emerald City that got the night off to a good start. Then came the 'warm up man' Kenny Cantor with a version of 4 Wheels on my Wagon that got everyone highly charged up, and so the evening of fun was on it's way.

Pat Nearney, billed as 'Norfolk's favourite village idiot' was next to get laugh upon laugh with his 'Norfolk' delivery, a very funny comic finishing with "'eve you got a loit buoy", and being in Norfolk everyone knew the chorus and joined in every time. The Lowestoft Signing Choir were next on the programme. A group of people of all ages who are either profoundly deaf, partially deaf, have some hearing impairment or simply want to help each other. With their 'leader' Liz Bloice conducting their signing it brought great warmth and feeling, and their entertainment value was one hundred percent. What can be said of Reuben Jones, only that he is one of the funniest all round entertainers in the business today, he joked, did a very funny routine with magic, and then the fire eating was hilarious as well. 

Holt 1Mark Hudson & the Viva Showgirls ~ Mark is a very accurate and funny female impersonator, and backed by his Showgirls he performed a tribute to Danny la Rue, the audience joined in all the songs at the tops of their voices, enjoying his much underrated talent, amazing costumes, and everything he did, at the same time. He was just superb. Shani Cantor was next and absolutely brought the house down with Somebody to Love, a song that showed the terrific range that she has. most definitely a young talent to watch out for. Kenny Cantor then took us back to the days of the Song and Dance Man, you just don't see this kind of entertainment any more and it is sorely missed, his sense of fun and his timing and gag telling is impeccable. To close the first half of this awesome show were Cantor's Singers and Dancers once again, with an excerpt from Sister Act. Mark Hudson was the Mother Superior, and Shani Cantor was showing them all how to sing, it was both humorous and exciting, moving at such a pace.

Holt 2John Stokes & the Bachelors performed the whole of the second half, and they could still be there on stage now, such was the reaction of all present, they went through all the hits of their day, they joked, they sang and played every song that was associated with them through the sixties, the seventies, and much much more, they finished with a standing ovation without exception. They were fantastic. They played an encore, and then, they brought on the Lowestoft Signing Choir to perform 'I Believe' with them, and again it was a standing ovation. Not a dry eye in the house. All in all a great night was had by everyone who attended this superb show.


On behalf of G.I.F.T., (Good Intentions Fundraising Team), I would like to say a very big thank you to all three The Bachelors for performing at the Auden Theatre, Holt, Norfolk on Sunday 26th September, 2010.

It was a fabulous show and you will appreciate the audience just loved every minute.

Holt 3Thank you again for  taking the time and the long journey from Manchester to perform at the Auden Theatre, Holt.  We hope you will be able to do similar events for us in the future.

Hope you liked the hospitality GIFT provided.
Many thanks again - seemed so strange  I used to live in Chadderton and the connections with Manchester United etc.

Hope to keep in touch

Yvonne J Tiffany (Mrs.)
Chair of G.I.F.T., and Friend No. 100 of the Grand Order of Water Rats