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The Shakespeare Revue

Devised and Directed by Christopher Luscombe and Malcolm McKee

Currently being produced for a UK tour by Kenny Wax Ltd.

An evening of sparkling sophistication and unabashed fun it includes comic sketches and songs, some specially written for the show, by the cream of creative genius.

"A joyous words-and music anthology in loving mockery of the bard"

First presented by the RSC at The Barbican Centre and subsequently in the West End, this joyous words-and-music celebration of the delights of the bard gathers together some of the finest comic material inspired by Shakespeare. With contributions from the cream of writing and performing talent this collective masterpiece is certain to enthrall, entrance and ENTERTAIN!

The show is a handsome tribute to British comic writing. Clever, spontaneous and a wholly civilised delight, it epitomises the charm of revue.

A simple format: sketches, songs and skits inspired by the Bard and put over with vigour, delight and panache by highly accomplished performers.

A rich vein of comic-writing and song, much of it refreshingly unfamiliar, celebrates Shakespeare and, it seems, is also a potted history of British entertainment styles. The material ranges from Edwardian Music Hall through Julian Slade and Sandy Wilson to Beyond the Fringe, Monty Python, Victoria Wood and Fry & Laurie.

The British have a knack of laughing at the things they hold most dear. What is evident with this show is the genuine affection in which Shakespeare is held. Beyond the irreverent laughter there are frequent glimpses of Shakespeare's matchless beauty and depth of feeling.

A hugely enjoyable show .... Absolute bliss .... A delightful comic cocktail.
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