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2016 Here we go again!

Great nights outThe New Year is already nearly three months gone, doesn’t time fly.

I’m always trying to find new ways to make the site more interesting without repeating myself. There I go even saying that, I’m probably repeating myself

When we are not working John, Dave and I have regular meetings where we discuss how we each want the future of “THE BACHELORS SHOW to go. For example since we formed in 1995 we have always managed ourselves, that way we choose where, when and how often we work and after what seems a life time in show business I think we have earned that .

As I have said before we do not advertise our dates on the site for various reasons unless the Theatre or promoter specifically asks us to but in saying that Margaret our secretary has kept every email she has ever received and will notify the sender when we are in their area.

Natalle GarlickI hope that answers some of your questions.

John Stokes has always believed in giving young talent a chance, going back to the days when they would feature Lena Zavaroni on The Bachelors Television Show. Some of you might remember we gave Lauren Waterworth her first break in our summer season on The North Pier Blackpool and we have continued to feature youth where and whenever we can.

I mention this because I was compering a big charity event in Middleton Arena back in January which included the very best acts in the Northwest of England. I introduced a brilliant Kylie Minogue tribute act called Natalle Garlick who the audience loved. She later came up to me and said “you don’t remember me do you”. Well it turned out she did her very first show with us eighteen years ago, she even produced a photo taken then and as you can see I haven’t changed a bit.

When we look back over the web site we realize that a lot of the venues we worked have gone and since there are very few new ones, mores the pity, we tend to return to the same ones, most of which I have described many times. This is our 16th year working for Warner’s and in all that time we have worked all of their Leisure Hotels. However on the 5th of March it was nice to return to Cricket St. Thomas as we had not been there for quite a while. What a terrific Cabaret room it was a pleasure to appear there. Thanks to Entertainments Manager Mathew and all his staff, not to mention the fantastic audience for giving us a most memorable night.

What follows is a piece I wrote for my Facebook to mark Kevin’s anniversary and on behalf of his family we would like to thank everyone for their very kind comments.

bonningtonkevin 2016

As I have said before we only advertise our shows on this site if the promoter requests we do so.
Jeff from JK Productions has just sent me the poster for a show we are doing for him at the BONNINGTON THEATRE in Arnold near Nottingham on the 21st of September. This is our first time at this venue and as it is a small Theatre it is more than likely to sell out so book early. All info is on the poster.
People have also been asking me about our coming visit to URMSTON WORKING MENS CLUB on Saturday the 4th of June. This is our second appearance at one on Manchester’s premier clubs and we are looking to going back as we had a great reception the last time. The doors open at 7.30 and I’m told non-members are most welcome.


It is the desire of most people in show business to work in Theatres and Television but it is a fact that most of us got our first experience and indeed learnt our trade performing in Working Men’s Clubs. These clubs have been the backbone of our industry for years and years providing employment for thousands of entertainers and giving them a living they might otherwise not have had. Some of our biggest stars started out in them and many still worked them long after they had become household names. As they say nothing lasts forever, still in all it's sad to watch their demise. In recent times so many of them have closed that I fear for the young talent coming into the business. Three of the clubs we worked recently have gone, namely Wood houses British Legion in Wythenshawe, Salford Legion - and New Moston British Legion is now a super market.

vasa clubOn Saturday the 1st of October we are making a return visit to the V.A.S.A. Club in Blackley so we are hoping for as good a turnout as we got last time. These venues need to be supported, as the saying goes “If you don’t use it you lose it".

I know a lot of people who read our site are big fans of 60s music so you might be interested to know that while I was in New York recently I went to see a show called THE HAPPY TOGETHER TOUR and yes, you’ve guessed it, top of the bill was THE TURTLES plus GARY PUCKETT and a lot of lead singers from various American bands. I spoke to Mark Volman from The Turtles after the show. A really nice guy who was telling me he has just got the all clear after being treated for cancer. He and Howard Kaylan are the original members. A great night so go and see it if it ever comes to Britain.

On May the 13th in Collyhurst Manchester the council decided to name a street after Sir Nobby Stiles a local hero who is one of the few to win a world cup winners medal for England and a European cup medal with Manchester United. I had the honour of being asked to provide the entertainment and it was a great day only marred by the fact that the great man himself was too ill to attend.

All the great players from City and Utd turned out to pay tribute with the show taking place in Saint Patricks Church. I thought my singing was going down well but I have to admit that Nobbys brother in law JOHNNY GILES stole the show with his rendition of “Don’t cry for me Argentina.”

I presented a CD of a song I had written called “THE MEN OF 68”(about Utd winning The European Cup) signed by Nobby to Sir Bobby Charlton and couldn’t resist being photographed with a legend.

Margaret our secretary has had her computer wiped so if you want to be on our email list just email her at

belgrade theatre showThe Belgrade Theatre in Coventry is without doubt one of the finest venues in the country and it’s always a pleasure to return there. We have worked there many times for different promoters but mainly for Brian Walker. For many years Brian has been putting on these great midday variety shows in conjunction with people like the late Les Wilson, Malcolm Stent and now Andy Eastwood, all terrific acts in their own right and excellent at presenting a show. We will be appearing there on Friday the 14th of October at 1.30 pm headlining a first class bill that quite frankly is not to be missed.

It is now the 20th of October and I guess it is updating time, so here goes.

It is sometimes hard to convey on paper the pleasure we still get from doing these shows.  A lot of people think we must get fed up singing the same hits, as in John’s case for over 50 years. Well it’s like asking someone do they ever get tired reliving a great memory, for that’s what “I Believe”, Diane, Charmaine and Ramona etc. do. They bring the past that little bit closer for just a short while.

Three of our last series of venues asked us would we advertise them on our site and we were glad to oblige so for those who could not attend you might like to know how they went.

Saturday October 1st THE VASA CLUB Blackley Manchester.
Thank you Jean and all your staff for making this a great night to remember. Also June Dale and all her people from the Wednesday club, The Wythenshawe Crowd for travelling all that way, Vinny the bookie who brought 16 people, in fact everyone who attended. It was a terrific show and a lot of credit should go to our M.D. Clive Allan and his fabulous band Carnaby Street. Special thanks to our friend DAVE PRENTICE who stood in at the last moment to compere the show.

oct 2016As we have said so many times, the real backbone of our business are the promoters who in our opinion don’t always get the support from the theatres they should. They are the ones who risk everything just to put on a show and without them none of us would be employed.
Its always nice to go to a new venue and October 14th seen us working for Jeff and Helen at THE BONNINGTON THEATRE, Arnold near, Nottingham. They put together a really nice bill featuring the hilarious BILLY BEDLAM who remembered working with us in Wales twenty years ago, a great act, as was JUDITH HIBBERT a really good female vocalist. Her choice of songs impressed us, especially her version of “Let’s do it “made famous by the late Victoria Wood.

Then there was THE BELGRADE THEATRE in Coventry, a venue we have played a dozen times and we still get lost on the ring road. Andy Eastwood and Brian Walker were the promoters and the show had their hallmark stamped all over it. Excellent backing, namely Phil Jefferies on drums and Martin Saint James on keyboards. (As in the Bonnington Theatre.) Jimmy Circo is a great comedy magician who admitted buying our first CD Renaissance so he could copy our up tempo arrangement of “Love me with all you heart”. The audience loved him as they did Laura Glaves the female star who we knew would be great after just watching her rehearse. Quite a lot of our Midlands fans turned up people like Evelyn our lifetime fan award winner who is always on the front row wherever we go. We don’t always get a standing ovation so when we do it is much appreciated. Thank you Brian and Andy who incidentally held the whole show together like the great act he is.

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Before joining THE BACHELORS with John Stokes I worked for a company called The Combined Insurance of America or CICA as they were known. I used to write promotional songs as well as assembling groups of musicians to play at their conventions at home and abroad. Alas the company is no more but I still keep in touch with quite a few who I regard as friends. One such friend George Munro called me to ask for my help in organising some events to help his friend Darren Mutch raise funds to help pay towards his dad’s treatment for cancer. The first of these events will now take place at the ETICHAD STADIUM in Manchester on Saturday the 26th of November.

I would just like to thank John Stokes, Dave Pearson from THE BACHELORS and Clive, Mick and John from Carnaby Street for appearing free of charge for someone they don’t even know.
For tickets ring Darren on 07973312405

race against timeswinging 60s cabaret

It is now December 23rd, Christmas is nearly upon us and the year 2016 almost at an end.

I have just been watching the BBC’s tribute to the celebrities who have passed away this year and the list is quite staggering. I think our business has lost so much talent it’s simply unbelievable. You see TV reruns of people like Victoria Wood, Caroline Aherne, and David Bowie and you find it hard to accept that they are gone. Still it was Television that made them seem part of our lives and it is television and their recording that will keep their memories alive. I don’t mean to sound morbid but when you see the passing of people you know and have worked with like Jimmy Perry (writer of Dads Army, Hi De HI) and little Kenny Baker (R2D2 in Star Wars. We think it worth a mention.

As usual we had a good year working for Warner’s and our regular promoters who we regard as friends. Duggie Chapman, Mark Andrews, Andy Eastwood, Brian Walker Jeff and Helen from JK Productions and Marjon Promotions. Also we would like to thank the club owners and concert secretaries in other words all the people who combined to make this another memorable year for THE BACHELORS with John Stokes

Some of you might like to know that the charity show we did at The Etihad Stadium in Manchester for Ken Mutch’s cancer treatment raised £6025. We received a nice letter from his son Darren thanking us for our contribution.

Now we look forward to next year, 2017, I cannot believe it will be our 22nd year together.

Two shows we would like to mention, the first one is a show we are doing for Rochdale Mayors Charites. This will be the second time we will have been asked to appear on this particular show and it takes place at The Heywood Civic Centre on Friday the 27th of January. We are looking forward to working with our old pal Jimmy Cricket and of course Carnaby Street.

The second show is at the Lowther Pavilion Theatre in Lytham Saint Anne’s and it’s on Friday the 24th of February. This show is organized by the Blackpool branch of EQUITY, Johnny Casson did it last year and we are honoured to be asked to appear in this one.

Tickets for both these shows can be purchased from the respective venues so hope you can be there.
To finish, John, Dave, our secretary Margaret and myself Jonathan would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year.

Showtime Spectacular
Friday 24th February at the Lowther Pavilion, Lytham

Des Day - One of Lancashire Top Comedians
The Bachelors with John Stokes
Ken Morrell
Blues Brothers Tribute
Suzanne Roberts Dancers
Jane Fraser
Dave Brooklyn

Lowther Pavilion

Mayors Charity Extravaganza

Friday 27th January 2017 at Heywood Civic Hall

Mayor's show